Rock ‘N’ Taco: An Authentic Mexican Tequeria

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Offering a spectacular Mexican cuisine infused with mouthwatering flavors, Rock ‘N’ Taco is a unique gourmet taqueria adorning the streets of Buckhead. Conceptualized by Atlanta-based entrepreneurs Joe Ryan and Brad Hancock, Rock ‘N’ Taco promises an unmatched and innovative dining experience to patrons who crave for authentic Mexican food at their doorstep.

Rock ‘N’ Taco is a popular haunt because it offers guests delectable food flavors fused brilliantly with excellent service and high-quality ingredients. Friendly staff, scrumptious tastes and a delightful ambience make this taqueria popular with many locals and passersby.

Soaring in popularity with professionals for working lunches or for friends to gather together, Rock ‘N’ Taco pairs its versatile cuisine with delicious cocktails to produce the perfect Mexican-inspired afternoon or evening for guests. Brimming with passion and enthusiasm, our dedicated staff has in-depth knowledge of our menus, so patrons can find out every detail without difficulty. We make it our mission to treat you as we would treat a friend, so you will always be welcomed with friendliness and warmth based on genuine Mexican hospitality.

Inspired by Chef Gabriel Panama, whose culinary capabilities have charmed taste buds for over two decades, our menu is bursting with zesty ingredients and appealing dishes.

While encompassing the appeal of Tex-Mex cuisine into our menu, we also add flair by infusing many other cultures to the way we cook – giving you the opportunity to savor a unique dining experience when you walk into a Rock ‘N’ Taco outlet. For us, it isn’t only about the cuisine or the ambience. We want to create a worthy environment for you to enjoy every moment, which embraces everything from food and ambience to cost effectiveness and style.


Our authentic Mexican tacos are made from locally sourced and high-quality ingredients that are seasoned with tremendous care and consideration. We offer a range of tacos that are sure to tickle your taste buds, whether you’re interested in the classic steak or ground beef varieties or whether you want to experiment with ingredients like flounder, duck, rabbit and oysters. Our vegetarian friends need not worry because we have lip-smacking veggie tacos for you too with ingredients like avocados, cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, green peppers, zucchini and much more. Served as our specialty, we infuse both traditional and contemporary fillings on tasty tortillas.

Apart from tacos, we also serve ceviche, wedges, seafood gumbo, egg rolls, garlic fries, hot wings, nachos, salads and more. If you’re feeling thirsty, you can enjoy some fabulous cocktails and wines along with your meals. Whether you’re looking for healthy options like salads or whether you’re interested in full-fledged Tex-Mex meals, we have it all. In fact, with so many choices available to you with flavorsome delectability, we know that we will see you around more often than not at Rock ‘N’ Taco.

A hot spot for authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food coupled with refreshing margaritas and cocktails, Rock ‘N’ Taco remains a firm favorite with patrons from all over the region. Whether you’re looking for a memorable dining experience with your friends or whether you’re looking to book the place for a special event, check out everything that Rock ‘N’ Taco has to offer – you won’t leave disappointed.

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